The day to day stuff

So, its Sunday.

We were supposed to go out on the Dhoni today to look for whale sharks, however, the weather has been terrible due to cyclone Phailin. It’s been raining hard, and the seas are rough. It has been like this since Friday actually.  On Friday we did a ‘test dive’ with the dive centre at the Conrad in hopes to go diving yesterday, but the dive yesterday was cancelled. So we have yet to have a dive!

I like to think that this is a sign that the monsoons are changing, as we have been told that while the monsoons are changing, awesome things like the mobula rays start migrating around the islands. *crossed fingers* I really hope this is the reason for it!

So today, with all our data done, we are all just chilling on the Conrad Rangali ‘Relaxation Island’, which is where our office is set up at. It’s called Relaxation Island because no children are allowed on it.

We hope that after lunch, the weather may clear up so that we can sneak in a snorkel and work on our free diving.

OH Yea, free diving is awesome. I love it. I snorkeled a bit back home and dove down into the little holes in the reef near my house, but that was a maximum 3 metres. Here, we get to really challenge ourselves with the whale sharks. I find we are getting deeper and deeper and lasting longer each time. Kev has improved in leaps and bounds! Our experience with the crazy swell on the Thursday really showed that! I freaked out when I was told by Ben to look out for the oncoming swell, as Kev was all by himself and there was no way that I was going to get to him on time. Though to my surprise, he was speeding to the boat quicker than all of us! What a gunner!

Our morning commute

So I mentioned earlier that its been a refreshing change having to commute to ‘work’ by Dhoni instead of the train. Here’s a video of one of our commutes on a better day.

The staff beach on the Conrad Rangali

When we want a sneaky wifi connection, or want to play table tennis, dream about playing vball (as we don’t have enough people) or want to use the loos, we go here:

Meals on Mandhoo

So our meals are shared with the staff of the Conrad Rangali. As a volunteer with MWSRP we are not guests so we get the chance to see the life of the staff members here. The food is pretty delicious, however, a little monotonous. But when we are hungry, monotonous doesn’t come into the picture! I think because we have been really free the last few days, the food has been a bit of an issue…(the hashbrown high) and talks about icecream, Tim Tams and Kev and I craving instant noodles. Here’s a picture of what the kitchen look like on Mandhoo.

Eating on Mandhoo
Eating on Mandhoo


Down Time

When we are not eating, whale sharking or on Mandhoo, we are normally in the MWSRP office in the Ari Lounge on Relaxation Island:


At the Ari Lounge
At the Ari Lounge


Kev, Katie and Chris at the Ari Lounge
Kev, Katie and Chris at the Ari Lounge


So we will be remaining here up until lunch time. Fingers crossed we get some good weather this afternoon!




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