Merhaba Istanbul!



Istanbul! What a wonderfully diverse place!

First few days here have been quite an eye opener. A huge change from the quiet, sunny days in the Maldives.

Istanbul is a city. Lots and lots of people everywhere. Women and men alike are gorgeous with intense eyes and beautiful faces. People don’t seem to smile as much as they do in the Maldives, however, that could be because we were staying on a resort where smiling is probably mandatory.

The food

The food smells here are so mouthwatering that I’m afraid that I’ll gain back the 3kgs that I lost! First meal was borek; one with spinach and one with cheese, together with turkish tea! The tea is served in these tiny delicate glasses which makes my heart melt. They are the sweetest things. So cute! The tea is bitter than what I am used to, however, tastes delicious with the food. The borek, soft fluffy pastry which is slightly chewy on the inside. Hrmmmm. So good.

Kev and the spinach and cheese borek
Kev and the spinach and cheese borek
Cute tea glasses!
Cute tea glasses!

Another delicious dish that we had was this wrap that has minced beef cooked in garlic and it had this awesome cream/yogurt on the side. Oh god. It was so tasty.


Last night, Kev and I decided to buy some goodies from the spice market to eat for dinner. This is what we ended up getting:

Om nom nom nom!
Om nom nom nom!

Oh and the sweets. Gosh the sweets are to die for. The Baklava oozes with smooth, buttery goodness together with the soft and chewy pastry and the slight crumble of pistachio. Yum, yum, yum! It’s a winner in my books, and I’ve been craving one every day (hello fat Anna!).


I never really understood what was so good about Turkish delights. For me. It always was a little rich and it got stuck in my teeth. But, being in Turkey and having some Turkish delight with Turkish tea, really brings a new meaning to ‘short eats’.

Kev and I enjoying our 'short eats'
Kev and I enjoying our ‘short eats’


OMGWTFBBQ! Hold your horses everyone because Istanbul is the shizz for shopping. And for real, it is. Don’t discount what your friend has said about how great it is (or your parents advice for that matter – Hi mom and dad!), your loved ones are damn right!

The Grand Bazaar
The Grand Bazaar
The beautiful ceilings
The beautiful ceilings
I was so tempted to by one of these telescopes so that I could be a true pirate.
I was so tempted to by one of these telescopes so that I could be a true pirate.

The clothes here are well made and the fashion is very cool. Different to Australian fashion, but not so different that it would look odd wearing it back home. In fact, it would help you stand out from the crowd. I have bought a jacket that makes me look like a little Jedi warrior, a shirt, bracelets, the prettiest ring and the sweetest bag all for a great price! I’ve already accepted that I’ll need to send stuff home before we leave Istanbul.

The cool thing about shopping in Istanbul, is that we’ve been meeting the coolest people. The shop owners are all so very nice, and I’ve really enjoyed our 1+ hour conversations about people and life. They seem to really want to connect with you, which is a great technique for the salesman, but it also gives me the greatest gift of getting to know someone new.

Meet Onur. He is a university student studying acting and business. At first I was a little tired, and to be honest, could not be bothered talking. But he was really funny and had some cool things to say. Next thing, we are chatting for 1.5 hours and I’ve chosen my bracelets. It was a cool experience. He gave us his contact details and said he was happy to go out drinking and eating with us! So far, still kinda tired but will definitely be considering a night out soon!

He gave us a stone just cause we were nice to him!
He gave us a stone just cause we were nice to him!
Kev and his stone and new friend
Kev and his stone and new friend

Now meet Mr Janut. Kev and I met him in a leather store on the way home from a walk to the Cisterns. The line was long, and we decided to call it an early day. As we walked down the steep cobble streets, I saw this window with cool puppets in it.

When we walked in, there were all these different leather bags. I’ve been looking for a new bag for a while, but it was only when we spotted two leafy bags (one is bigger than the other) did my heart skip a beat. These bags were soooooo awesome! Janut started talking to us while I tried on the two bags. Janut started talking about life, and how one needs to love what they do. He also described his observations on the wealthy tourists who don’t even say hello or appreciate the small things in life. He said:

‘They live in their Christian Dior bubble, don’t see reality of Istanbul.’

I liked him. Instantly. His large, warm, fatherly bear like movements were just so engaging. So we chatted for a long time. Eventually I made my decision and I chose the smaller bag of the two as it was slightly more sweet in its design, and it was lighter.

Big LOVE! Which bag do you prefer? Did I make the right decision? GAH!
Big LOVE! Which bag do you prefer? Did I make the right decision? GAH!

Anywho, hopefully tomorrow we will have the chance to so some sightseeing!


9 thoughts on “Merhaba Istanbul!

  1. Definitely made the right choice about the bag, omg I am soooooo jealous of you right now hahhaha. Shopping such cool and different finds, eating good food…. Makes me wish I could travel!!!!

    Big love for the bag (is it weird I want to hold it to smell it???) 🙂

  2. Hey Roomies! Glad to hear you’re having a great time in Istanbul (it is a great town, after all). I hope you had a chance to explore some of the sites and eat a lot more delicious food – you probably will gain all that weight back, but it’s worth it….and just wait until you get to Greece and Italy!

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  4. I’m so happy to see that you were enjoying 😀 You both also seem so friendly! Hope your other days were also great, and you like food ( as a Turkish, I do love eating 😀 )
    By the waay, about bag, i think your choise was right! Enjoy with your new bag ^^
    Thank you for sharing!!
    Have an amazing day!

    1. Hi ozturkkubra!

      Thank you for your sweet words! We loved our 12 days in Istanbul! I would love to come back! The people, such as yourself, are amazing!

      I am so glad that you think I chose the right bag! Perhaps it was a boy thing to like the bigger bag! 🙂

      Thanks again! It’s great to meet you!

      Anna 🙂

  5. Ahhh I was about to ask where you got that amazing leaf bag and now I know….somewhere I can’t go to easily!
    Where else r u guys going? Please say Belgium so I can recommend the triple fried frites!,,

    1. Haha!!! Awww you definitely should try to go to Istanbul one day! We want to return there! Food is amazing, people are lovely and exchange rate is so good.

      Haha! I think we will be going to Belgium!!! :))) sooo other recommendations besides the triple fried frittes?

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