Considering a career with Flight Centre

In response to my post about The 5 intangible benefits from the perfect job, here is one of the career options that I am considering. I am writing this primarily for myself as I am a kinaesthetic learner and I learn from doing which includes writing things out in full. But I hope my thoughts may be of interest or help for others who are going through the same thing as I am.

To be or not to be… a Travel Consultant with the Flight Centre Group

I responded to an advertisement for an ‘online travel consultant’ for Student Flights. When I got the telephone interview, I was advised that when I applied for this position I was actually applying for any position available within the Flight Centre Group. Fast forward to today,  after going through a 5 hour induction/interview a few weeks ago, I have been offered a position as a travel consultant at Escape Travel located in a shopping centre 11 minutes drive away from my parent’s home. So here it is, do I want to be a travel consultant?


  • The content of the work as a travel consultant is travel – selling the idea and inspiring the courage to far away destinations to people. You would think that this is THE perfect fit for me. I love travel, I’ve traveled to so many places (you can check out my posts on under the Travel part of this site)  and I’m great at meeting and talking to new people… especially about travel.
  • There are opportunities for travel consultants to go on ‘research trips’ with other consultants – Hooray!
  • There is a great company culture of celebrating your successes.
  • You have a uniform so you don’t have to worry about what to wear every day and it helps you feel like you belong.
  • HR also makes efforts to place you in a store that is close to your home (which is what they did).

From the sounds of it so far, it meets most of the 5 requirements. So why am I hesitating?


  • Apparently the hours are long and most of those hours are in a chair behind a computer.
  • There is a lot of over time that is unpaid. Salary is low and with most of your earnings coming from commissions.
  • There will be times when I will have to work weekends which will throw me out of sync with everyone else who works Monday to Friday, who I may want to catch up with.
  • They do not encourage personal travel as much as I had expected, as naturally, the longer you are away from the desk, the less money you will be making, and this is especially so in the first 12 months.
  • I also want to get out of my parent’s home and working only 11 minutes drive away from their place makes the idea of moving out a little counter productive. However, if I am offered a job at another store that is more central and in the area that I would like to move to, then obviously moving out of home is no longer an issue.


The job will use all the administrative, and professional soft skills that I have developed over the years as a lawyer, while using my communicative and personal skills on a daily basis – I like.

But, I want to avoid sedentary jobs where I am sitting in front of a screen all day as I personally need to move a lot of the time (I need to have outside office work/errands as a bare minimum).

I do like the company culture, and I love the idea of being sent on research trips on work time. It means I get to travel while on the job! However, I do imagine that the travel is not the slow, intimate, independent travel that I love, and that it will be a trip of 5 star accommodation and the best tour groups etc – I know I’d have fun, but I won’t be completely satisfied.

I like the idea of belonging and being in a team. But there’s something that doesn’t feel right when I think about going through 2 weeks of training and then being popped out at the end being just like every other new Flight Centre travel consultant.

Perhaps I don’t like the idea of being moulded into something uniform?

Overall, I am just not sure and I do have a niggling feeling in my stomach that does not make me feel elated.

What do you guys think?

Has anyone out there worked as a travel consultant either with Flight Centre or for another company? Have I got my facts right?

I would love to know what other people’s experiences as a flight consultant was/is like. Love it? Hate it? Still work in it?

What are your thoughts about the perfect job?

Have I got the checklist of the The 5 intangible benefits from the perfect job correct?

Are there any other benefits I should add to it?

Let me know in the comments section!


2 thoughts on “Considering a career with Flight Centre

    1. Hi frankfly1200. I haven’t actually. Do you know if they are a part of the Flight Centre business? Because I learnt that there are a lot of other companies that Flight Centre owns (Escape Travel, Student Flights, STA Travel and more).

      And how did you come by Intrepid Travel? 🙂

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