Singapore: In and Out

As I’m sitting here in KL International Airport waiting to depart for the Maldives I find myself reflecting on our stay in Singapore.  Its been relaxing, frantic, delicious, hot and yet still felt too short. And that is a good sign of any travel destination.

Given that Singapore is a well walked track for most I’ll share some photos of the highlights.

fly me to the moon...
In Flight Moon on the way to singapore
J! Thanks for looking after (feeding) us :D
J! Thanks for looking after (feeding) us 😀
ON DAY ONE!?!?!?!!
Broke my thongs
But now I have new shoes like Paulo!
Selfie with an alligator
Selfie with an alligator
Fire show at the Singapore Zoo Night Safari
I can't believe I nearly lost to people who barely know english
Scrabble with flatmates Robert Lorraine and Jane
It hurt. And we're keeping score of who gets injured.
Got chilli in my eye
Hugging the panda
Some nice forced perspective
Some ragey forced perspective when she walked RIGHT into the camera shot. I mean c’mon can’t you just take a second to look around that other people are trying to take a photo!?!?!
I miss you already.
Popiah. Part stewed raddish, part peanut sauce, part beansprouts and part asian magic. All delicious.

Its been a fun filled four days eating too much and sleeping too little. Also we met Robert who hopefully we’ll meet again when we enter Bavaria. But for now we’re on our way to the Maldives on the next part of our journey.



Hi! This is the first post of our blog dedicated to our travels over the next 6 months. If you enjoy reading about us then stay tuned for updates in the future!

This image has been stolen from another trip and is COMPLETELY unrelated to this one. I hope you understand that its hard to get photos of the future.
Taking off to adventure!