The 5 intangible benefits from the perfect job

The perfect job would be on a pristine beach besides turquoise waters while on a hammock of course.
The perfect job would be on a pristine beach besides turquoise waters while on a hammock of course!

I am in the midst of finding my perfect job.

Yes, I was a lawyer before and no, I do not want to be a lawyer for the time being.

During my year of unemployment, travel and generally just living life, I started thinking and searching for clues to the question of ‘What do I want to do with my life?‘. I no longer wanted to pursue career in law, and after over 10 years of study and work in that profession, I did not know where to start looking. Everything I had done up until that point of leaving my career was, well, building up that career! Do I go back to university and re-train for something else? Do I just try applying to any old job advertised?

What . Do . I . Do ?

What to think about for when you are searching for the perfect job? 

On my travels, I observed and talked to lots of people about their lives, dreams and their jobs. The people I met included marine biologists who lived abroad for months for their research, and then would return home for a few months to their regular job, others were government employees, accountants, engineers, historians, tutors, hosts, tour guides (most of them being writers or historians too), a nurse, a part time dive instructor/ part time traveler, chefs working at michelin star establishments and many more. Each person had their own journey, own lifestyle, and their own goals and values.

From this amazing montage of lives that I had connected to, the stories of those who were happy in their chosen profession showed me that they all had unknowingly gained 5 intangible benefits from their job.

All of them were able to:

  1. Feel growth – The work nurtured their natural abilities and strengths while giving them the opportunity to challenge their weaknesses;
  2. Feel invested – The subject matter excited, inspired or engaged them;
  3. Feel worthy – Completing the work gave them a sense of pride and accomplishment;
  4. Feel like I belong – It had a great work culture, environment and people; and lastly
  5. Feel free and empowered – The job itself gave them the means to have a balanced life style by allowing them to be financially independent as well as having the time to pursue their passions (this part wasn’t necessarily evident in all the people I talked to, but I decided to add it to the list as it was something that I needed in my job).

Sounds simple yes? – Yes.

Is this obtainable? – Yes.

Am I going to test this theory? – There’s nothing better than a little experiment!

Though, from my experience over the past month of job searching, it is actually quite difficult to figure out if a job meets those all requirements as it requires you to constantly check in with yourself and either reaffirms or challenges your personal belief systems (I can’t be a XXXXXX because its below me), values (does reputation override happiness?) and goals (do I really want a family? Do I want to live in a large house?).

Other tough questions include: will this job fulfil requirements 1 to 5 even if the pay is amazing but the hours are super long? Or even if it’s located on the other side of town and commuting there will be 1 hour? How about even if the pay isn’t that great, but the job provides you with an outlet to pursue your passions while on the job? Or, can you compromise on any of these 5 requirements and still be happy?

Hard questions? Well I think so.

Wish me luck for the search for the perfect job!

What do you guys think?

What are your thoughts about the perfect job?

Have I got the checklist of the 5 intangible benefits from the perfect job correct?

Are there any other benefits I should add to it?

Let me know in the comments section!